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Group B Strep

Group B Strep is a type of streptococcal bacteria which 40% of people have in their vagina / genital or anal area where it does not cause any issues. Current guidance states that this is of little significance in non-pregnant women when isolated on vaginal swab tests. However, we have learned from experience that some women experience symptoms of discomfort when swab tests have only isolated this organism and improved after treatment. If you suffer symptoms from Group B Strep, we advocate seeking treatment from a healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant, it is important that you notify your health care provider that Group B Strep has been found on a vaginal swab test because Group B Strep can infect babies and make them extremely unwell. A positive result requires treatment before the baby is born and your midwife and obstetric team should be notified. Group Strep B testing is recommended for women who are between 35 and 37 weeks pregnant.

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