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Find answers to our most commonly asked questions here.


What we do and do not test for

Do you test for ureaplasma/mycoplasma?

We do not currently test for ureaplasma, mycoplasma or STI’s.

Do you test for candida?

We are able to identify Candida on your swab but, unfortunately, we are unable to speciate further or do sensitivities on this organism at our lab. If you would like to have further Candida speciation and sensitivities, we can send your sample off to another lab to have this done for you. The link to purchase this is as follows: https://focuslabs.online/product/further-candida-speciation-sensitivities/

Please note that this is not a standalone service, it is an add-on to a swab test at our lab.

After purchasing the test, you will not need to do another sample or send anything else to us. Your results would be expected in around 7 working days.

Ordering your test

How long does it take to receive my kit?

If you order before 1pm on a weekday, your kit will be sent out the same day. If you order after 1pm, your kit will be sent out the following weekday. For example, if you order at 3pm on a Friday, it will be sent out on the following Monday.

I do not live in the UK. Can I still order a test?

We can send a sample kit out to you but, since our pre-paid envelopes do not work outside of the UK, you would need to find a courier to deliver your samples back to our lab within 72 hours.

Do I need a referral from my GP/specialist to test?

You do not need a referral from your GP/specialist to do the test. This is only necessary if you and your clinician were to opt for the advisory letter from Dr Anderson.

Before collecting your samples

When will my test kit expire?

Our testing kits do not have an “expiry date” as such but if it has been quite some time since you ordered your test, it would be a good idea to check the date on the sample bottles and/or swab. You can keep the kit for as long as you need before sending the samples back for your test.

Do I need to stop my medication before I test?

We do recommend stopping Hiprex and most antibiotics used to treat your infection for 5 days prior to collecting your samples and sending whilst you are in a flare up as this will provide the most accurate results as to what may be causing your symptoms. A full list of recommendations (including naturopathic supplements) will be sent out with your sample kit.

You recommend stopping garlic and oregano. What do I do if they are in my regular diet?

Naturopathic supplements such as garlic and oil of oregano are of no concern if they are a part of your regular meals, they are likely in too small of a quantity to affect the test results. The recommended time frame for stopping ingredients such as oregano oil and garlic before collecting your samples are only relevant if they are taken in larger quantities to manage symptoms.

Can I send a sample when I do not have symptoms?

We do recommend collecting your samples when your symptoms are flaring as this gives us the best chance at catching the pathogenic bacteria causing your infection.

Your results

How long will I wait to receive my results?

Results typically take around 7 days.

What happens after I have my results?

If your symptoms persist, we recommend seeking further treatment from your GP/specialist.

Can you prescribe for me based on my test results?

We are unable to prescribe for you based on your test results if you are not a current patient under the care of Dr Anderson.